I prefer dating outside my race

Thanks x 36 LOL! Other than that because of my experiences I prefer to date outside my race. They just don't exist in my eyes anymore. So read carefully before you comment. Wtf are u talking about I'm on black woman side. The parents will flip shit over the thought of mixed babies and inheritance being shared with minorities.

How do you think about the answers? There are names for people like you. If a black were to say this about a black woman, he would get hell on earth. Gottabsavagee       opinions shared on Dating topic. Dec 28, 6. Learn More. Yeah but basically agreed why my friends were bashing me.

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You just, in a way bashed and generalized an entire group. I think your problem is you have a problem with interracial couples. Also the anti white comment doesn't work. Okay first off I did not bash black men. Thanks x 8. Oh I got ya.

If I was bashing black men in the article it would say that black men are dogs, dont i prefer dating outside my race them, all black men cheat. What is going on

Get your answers by asking now. You trying to make me date "Black" women, why? Get to know them on a level you're comfortable with first and the rest will come naturally. Yeah, I disrespect "Black" women n'stuff. Plus I can't date rn because I'm graduating next summer so there is no point.

I prefer dating outside my race

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  • Some women from my race have bashed me for not wanting to date within my race but its just my personal preference to date outside my race. For example, you have black men who don't want to date black women they rather date white women, or white men who don't want to date white women they rather date a black or an Asian female. In fact, I greatly prefer interracial dating because I find that the men in my race tend to want to be babied like Im their second mom rather than have a partner to support them. Essentially they seem more immature to me, so I cant do anything romantic with them, (and my innumerable bad experiences with men within my race).
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  • Dating outside my race made me a liar. For three years, I kept our relationship a secret from my parents. I never brought home any other boys and snuck around to date my . 4/6/ · I as a 17 year old black girl, I prefer to date outside of my race because I believe that most other races are just better than blacks, as a whole. Look at how hard Asians, (even Mexicans), whites.
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  • 2/5/ · Hi,wassup? I happen to be one of those that prefer dating outside my race. I'm a white woman, I prefer black men. I'm kinda interesred in knowing what YOUR theory is. Many people think that black men are more "well endowed" than white men. I assure you, I've been with plenty of both colors, and it isn't always true. 1/24/ · We live in the year and people still harbor feelings of hate for others based upon race. Now there is a such thing as preference, but to totally disregard dating someone who doesn’t share the same race as you strictly upon that fact alone is well pretty fuckin’ stupid.
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